How to Establish an Evangelistic Christian Prayer Ministry


According to what the church was called for, prayer makes the most important part of the ministry. The church cannot use marketing strategies or create a program so as to effectively evangelize. All that it needs is the presence and the mighty power of the most living god. According to the bible scriptures, prayer is a factor that is highly spoken of. When you read the book of Mathew chapter twenty one verse thirteen, you will understand how deeply Jesus Christ spoke of the importance of praying.


In order for the church to fulfill its mission of evangelism that was it was given, there have to be a well-established and working prayer ministry for every congregation. The church leaders and also pastors ought to respect and give honor to this ministry. For a prayer ministry to be effective, there should be one that coordinates everything so that the ministry can be directed in the right way. Having a special room for prayer is also another way of ensuring a functioning evangelical Christian prayer ministry.


There should be several groups of intercessors for 24 hour prayer line to be strong enough. The intercessors should be highly equipped and regularly encourage the ministry. It is also possible for every church member to take part in the prayer ministry. This can be ensured by providing them with prayer cards every week or every month. A team that specifically pray during the service should be determined. There should also be another team that mainly pray for the church leaders or pastors. Additionally, there can be a training for a ministry team to make prayer for the people in need during each church service.


The number of prayer opportunities never goes down just as the guidance that we get from God. We all know that everything should begin with the divine direction. Before establishing an evangelical prayer ministry, you should parka for God's will to be done as He is the only one who is capable of directing and timing us. Once people have lardy realized that prayer is very important, that is when they can think of putting a prayer ministry into existence. It can be challenging just like any other ministry. The first thing that people should do is to pray. The best way to begin is by establishing a group for bible study or create a team that visits the sick and say a prayer on their behalf. Know The Truth about the Holy Spirit here!

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